Amazon Review- "A well written fast paced, great read. I loved the characters and plot. I highly recommend it."

Email-  "Just finished reading this book. In my opinion it's the best of the Isaac Jones stories. I am very anxious to get to the next installment, hoping it describes the rebuilding and more details on Common, plus the apparent difficulties Jones is sure to have with two women in his crazy life. Pacheco might be the new Tom Clancy."

Amazon Review, "Perfect read. I hope there is a follow up soon. Gotta see Michael grow up!!"

Amazon Review- "a very enjoyable thriller with mystery and suspense. The characters work with their quirks. Nice touch at the end. I may see more of Isaac Jones."- ​Review on Amazon

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"Great story, This is one that anyone who likes stories in the vein of Black Ops or Spy novels. Lots of interesting plot turns, a great back story and lots of fun."

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"Edge of the seat thriller, This is a great thriller that will really get you thinking. Read it in only two sittings - it kept me captivated from start to finish. Isaac Jones is a very interesting, flawed creation. Really fantastic stuff."

~~" Exciting page turner!" 

"This is a page turner! I'm afraid to finish before the next book is out. Isaac Jones is my new Reacher..."


~~"My 13 year old son, Clay, started your book yesterday morning and finished it this morning. He said it was awesome. He said there definitely needs to be additional books in the series."

Amazon Review-"Well Written and A Fun Read. If your looking for a well written and fun read this is your book. It takes todays current events and turns then into a easy to understand and good read. I can see a series coming out of the author and book and I can't wait to continue the series. Hurry up and get it written will you! "


Reviews and Reader Comments on Isaac Jones.

Amazon Reveiw- "Classic CIA plot with great characters. Fast paced! Wonderful story! Falls in line with the likes of Vince Flynn. Superb!"

Isaac Jones is a Major in the US Army assigned to a Ranger Battalion. He's approached with a simple question, "If you could do something about the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of four American citizens on September 11, 2012, would you?" 
After agreeing to take on the task he finds it's just the beginning of his nation calling on his services to protect the homeland. Including a new threat from North Korea and someone with a grudge against former President Ronald Reagan putting many lives around the world in danger. 

"This is a great thriller that will really get you thinking. Read it in only two sittings - it kept me captivated from start to finish. Isaac Jones is a very interesting, flawed creation." - Review on Amazon

Amazon Review-"Waiting for the sequel!!!!" Review on Amazon.

Amazon Review-"absolutely fantastic book. Kept me on the edge of my seat. would definitely recommend it to anyone."- Review on Amazon.

Amazon Review, "Excellent read! Lots of SLAM-BANG action that will leave the reader wanting more. And wondering... How much of this stuff is fiction. Looking forward to seeing where Isaac Jones ends up next time."

Amazon Review- "The Isaac Jones series just keep getting better and better. This novel is full of intense moments that keep you turning each page while you are working to figure out what the next move will be. This is Mr. Pacheco’s best effort so far and I look forward to more thrills and adventures with Mr. Jones."

Amazon Review- "When was the last time you read a book in one sitting? Just finished Targeted. Great read, with a couple of twists along the way. Can't wait for the next Isaac Thriller."

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Isaac Jones is a CIA Black asset who's been involved in operations around the globe, secretly keeping America safe, and making enemies. Who's targeting him and how did they find out who he was and where to find him? Did he leave too much information behind or did someone from inside the United States Government betray him? Will he survive or is this the end for Isaac Jones?
A CIA Black Site, Russians, North Koreans, A Secret Society. Targeted- An Isaac Jones Thriller is the second book in the Isaac Jones series.