Amazon review "I'd say a must read for grandparents as well as parents. As a grandmother and not very "net-savvy" this information was a invaluable. I can now see how kids can be duped and will closely monitor my grandkids when they are at my house on the computer. The "glossary" of the terms was so helpful...I had no idea! Thank you Detective Pacheco for all you've done; I've already shared this with another grandparent I know."

Amazon Review: "This is a must read for parents. I had no idea how crafty predators are. This will give you the tools you need to protect your kids & also talk with them about the dangers out there. Don't find yourself in any of the situations described. Raising Net-Safe Kids has the information you need to keep up with what your kids are doing on-line AND what the bad guys are doing on-line."

Amazon Review: "This book is a must for parents with children who are either already online or going to be online soon. Ryan's approach is simple and effective. I was able to read the entire book in a very short period of time. Ryan lists out the steps necessary to effectively protect your children online as well as giving them the tools to protect themselves and be good cyber citizens at the same time. His straight and open talk to parents is truly refreshing. I think parents are overwhelmed by the technology available today and are often intimidated by their child's grasp of technology as well as our society's ever changing view of what is acceptable behvior. Ryan addresses these issues with a common sense approach. I highly recommend you read this book and buy a copy for a friend or loved one who has children,

In it's first three days of release this book was an Amazon #1 New Release Best Seller.

“Every parent should read this book...Technology is a moving target but this resource can help parents be better parents.”

Gary Raney-Former Ada County, Idaho Sheriff.

"As sophisticated as teenagers are online- constant vigil is imperative- and this book offers insightful and heart wrenching examples of how otherwise tech savvy kids can be emotionally, socially and physically manipulated -because at heart - they are still just kids."

First Lady of the State of Idaho, Lori Otter.

Read about real cases, juvenile behaviors online and what parents need to know to make their kids online experience safer. Detective Ryan Pacheco (Ret.) is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Consultant and retired Detective from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Boise, Idaho. He worked in the Criminal Investigations, Persons Crimes Division and was a member of the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Assigned to the Idaho Attorney General's Office. He formed the High Risk Juvenile Victims Unit at the Ada County Sheriff's Office and was President of the Idaho Crimes Against Children Conference in 2011 and 2012.

"Respond, rather than react. Help is on the way. Read this book - follow the author’s directions."

Dennis Mansfield- Author-'Beautiful Nate'.