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"This is a great read. The plot was interesting and certainly plausible. Pacheco's characters will have you choosing sides and hoping for a successful ending. Can't wait for this series to continue."

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"Enjoyed reading The Heist by Ryan Pacheco. Fact and fiction combined into a fast paced action novel that includes present day concerns dealing with crime, drugs and plots against America with more than one surprise twist."

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Must read for fans of law enforcement and action.
An exciting and realistic story line with characters one can picture. A book so well written that you'll find yourself lost in the plot and time will fly. A very action packed and yet emotionally moving book. LOVED IT. A must read!!!

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"I could not put the book down! The book flowed well and did not leave any details undone. I can't wait to read the sequel"

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A fabulous book & must read! The characters are very real. You get wrapped up in this story immediately! Looking forward to following this "Alex Stone" character..."

A Mexican Cartel, A Terrorist Group, A Border Town.  What could go wrong?

Detective Alexander Stone is about to find out that the border between Texas and Mexico isn't as safe as he thought.

Stone works in Waterloo, a mid-size town a stone's throw from the border when he becomes entangled in a feud between a Mexican Cartel and fanatical Muslim terrorists.

The feud bleeds over the border with the outcome threatening to put all of America in danger.

Stone is in a brutal fight to clear his name, keep his family safe, and prevent a terrorist attack on America.

The Heist is the debut Alexander Stone thriller by author, Ryan Pacheco.

Reviews, Blurbs, and Reader Comments on THE HEIST

Book Blurb;

"The Heist is one of those books that takes you and shakes you! I'm a bit biased (but not much!) since I'm already an admirer of Ryan Pacheco's story telling.
Although I didn't co-author this book with Ryan, as he and I do in our Isaac Jones tales, I wish HAD done it!
What a story. Written from the heart. It's a "heist" alright. It'll steal your attention from start to finish."

Dennis Mansfield- Author

Amazon Review:

"Mr. Pacheco has created a new character to love! I enjoyed how the author guided us through the thoughts of Alex how he would think of the possible consequences to his actions. And I especially loved the surprise at the end with a visit from an old favorite!! Keep up the great work, Mr. Pacheco!!!"

Amazon Review:

"I loved, loved, loved the book THE HEIST. Characters are so awesome......and real. I didn't want the book to end but it got to where I just could not stop reading. If you want a good book to read get the Heist."